A Dark Figure…

3D BOOK (5)A dark figure swayed over him, silhouetted against a rectangle of pin-pricked night sky. A red glow hovered where the figure’s eyes should have been.
“You and I need to have a little talk,” said a guttural voice.
The rectangle of night sky narrowed to a slit, then vanished. The red eye pulsed again.
Craig slithered backwards and cringed against the far wall between two cold hunks of steel. A match flared and levitated towards a hurricane lamp on a shelf. The flame pounced on the wick and writhed like a spider on a moth before a tall glass descended, sending the flame upward in a pyre that splashed light across the ceiling and a wide-brimmed hat.
Lappies twisted a coin-shaped dial and reined the flame back to a warm glow. He turned towards Craig. A clear bottle wrapped in a net of straw dangled from his left hand. Dark blood sloshed inside. Craig was shivering uncontrollably now, his lips pulled back over his teeth. Lappies slid a metal chair in front of the door and plonked himself into it. He took a swig from the bottle…


About iantennent

Ian was born in Durban in 1973 but grew up in Zululand and loved it. Thereafter, he got himself a degree, a wife and a child (in that order). He's lived and died several times in the UK and now he and his family are back in KZN, where they belong. He can play squash but he can’t kite-surf; he can make beer but not biltong. View all posts by iantennent

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