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Less is more!

bikiniTwitter continues to challenge and amuse me as I try and get my head around it. Having navigated the basics of handles and hashtags I turned to improving my bio (the bit below your photie on your homepage where you describe who you are, what you do and what you can offer the Twitterverse).
To this end Twitter gives you 160 characters to play with. That’s not much real estate….

But some people just have a knack for it. Some people’s bios just seem to hit the spot and capture what that person’s all about. The general advice out there is to use hashtags and links, employ a bit of humour, give viewers a glimpse of your genius etc, etc.
I did all of the above. I tweaked, I fiddled, I faddled…after a week I had created a masterpiece. It reads thus:

Daddy, hubby, a little bit chubby. Full-time weekend warrior, part-time horse for six year old. #Author Zululand Snow

Magnificent, I’m sure you’ll agree! Has it all. Hashtag, sparkling wit, a buy-link. You name it, baby! And it uses 152 characters out of a possible 160! Sublime ain’t the word, baby!

Here’s my wife’s for comparison. She’s a senior professional, passionate about leadership. Her bio reads:

Living for the moments that matter. Love, laughter and leadership – for a meaningful impact!

(Snicker)…no hashtag…no link…not funny… And she only used 92 characters (ppffft).

And so, thus emboldened, I turned to the bio of arguably the best living writer of them all. Someone who has sold a zillion books in a quadrillion languages and made a freakishillion amount of dosh along the way. Someone who knows their craft inside and out …behold:



Doh! Izzaddit?!? Couldn’t even spare a full-stop!?!…back to the drawing board I go…

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