ZG fragA schoolboy

His recent brush with death should have doused Craig’s adventurous spirit. So why does he feel so restless?

A 100 year old legend

Gold! Tons of it. Steeped in history and shrouded in mystery. Too incredible to believe in, too tantalizing to resist!

And the visions that haunt him still

Memories of reptilian eyes, murderous men and the lingering taste of cheap brandy. Memories that cling with black talons to the torn canvas of his dreams. Memories that have no place inhabiting an idyllic weekend beach-camp.

And yet, beneath a moonlit sky, a half forgotten fragrance disturbs the balmy Zululand breeze and sets Craig’s heart pounding … the sickly sweet smell of cherry tobacco!

About iantennent

Ian was born in Durban in 1973 but grew up in Zululand and loved it. Thereafter, he got himself a degree, a wife and a child (in that order). He's lived and died several times in the UK and now he and his family are back in KZN, where they belong. He can play squash but he can’t kite-surf; he can make beer but not biltong. View all posts by iantennent

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